Office of Dean of Students

What we do
  • Provide accommodation and catering services
  • Establish strong co-curricular programmes in sports and games, clubs and societies etc
  • Ensure availability of strong guidance and counselling programmes and provide timely counselling services
  • Create awareness of career opportunities to final year and other students
  • Encourage mentorship, working with   university students and secondary schools surrounding the University, to enhance transition rates to institutions of higher learning.
  • Coordinate students’ activities, relations and welfare
  • Returning Officer for students Association Elections
  • Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
List of Staff in the department:
Name Position Official TTU Email Address
Lawrian Mseri Student Counsellor 1
Robert Ndambo Ngeti Sports and games officer I
Michael Riwa Sports and games officer II
Hellen Rukunga Students Counsellor II
Joyce Mwakilomba Secretary
Mwanajuma Hemed Cleaner/messenger
  A short history of our department:  The Students Welfare Department was established to assist students and staff on moral, spiritual, personal, and relationship issues affecting them in the University. This has grown over time as the population has continued to grow.