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Security Department

What We Do

Mr. Khamisi Matano
Mr. Khamisi Matano
  • Protection of University resources,
  • Investigate crime, accidents and incidents.
  • Provide liaison services with other security agencies including the Kenya Police Service, KWS etc, as well as other emergency service handlers like the Fire Brigade, St. Johns Ambulance and the Kenya Red Cross etc.
  • Handle students’ welfare issues, emergencies, surveillance and security in the students’ Halls of residence especially at night.
  • Safe custody and movement of University keys.
  • Develop and administer internal security and traffic policies and procedures including on special events.

The Security department is committed to offer the best services to ensure the safety and protection the University members and assets. It has three Main Sections-Guards, Janitors and Caretakers and is currently headed by a Mr K. Matano assisted by a number of Supervisors working in shifts. The department also operates a 24hr, 7days a week Reports/Information Desk at the Supervisors’ office located in the Amphitheatre Building and its officers remain on call round the clock.

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