Finance Department

What we do

The Finance Department of TTU is responsible for providing statutory and financial information for decision-making and for the control of the financial activities of TTU.

The following activities of the Finance Department are intended to define its operational objectives in line with the relevant TTU regulations and policies and include:

  • Preparation and maintenance of financial books of accounts.
  • Preparation of source documents including but not limited to payment vouchers, invoices, receipts, which are required to facilitate the management of receipts and expenditure activities.
  • Preparation and maintenance of proper statutory reports/records.
  • Preparation and management of the Pay and Benefit System.
  • Preparation and publication of statutory statements(Annual Report)
  • Preparation of Periodic management reports.
  • Budgeting and Budgetary Control of financial activities. This shall include preparation of five-year business plan containing financial targets and performance indicators.
  • Proper custody and management of assets and records.
  • Cash flow and investments management.
  • Facilitating Identification and implementation of income generating projects/programmes and preparing relevant financial reporting documents to external funding agencies.
  • Management of loans and grants.
  • Any other duties in line with the TTU regulations and policies.

List of Staff in the department:

Name Position Official TTU Email Address
Peter Kisombe Ag. Finance Officer
Nashon Nyali Senior Accounts Assistant 1 (Student Finance Section)
Robert Ngeti Senior Accounts Assistant 1 (Payments Section)
Hawa Wangara Accounts Assistant (Payroll Section)
Jackson Mrabu Accounts Clerk (Payments)
Vincent Okioga Accounts Assistant II (Paying Cashier)
Martin Mutisya Accounts Assistant II (Budgetary Section)
George Ochienga Accounts Assistant (Examinations Section)
John Atibu Accounts Clerk (PAYE Cashier)
Vincent Ogolla Accounts Clerk (PAYE Cashier)
Abdalla Maghanga Accounts Clerk (PAYE Cashier)
Martha Mwakughu Accounts Clerk (PAYE Cashier/Student Finance Section)

A short history of our department:

The Finance Department is part of the Administration, Finance and Planning (AFP) Division of Taita Taveta University under the leadership of the Deputy Principal (AFP), with the Principal/CEO as the Accounting Officer. It is headed by the Acting Finance Officer assisted by the Acting Deputy Finance Officer, who work with a dedicated team of professional staff in the department.

Activities within the Finance Department cover a wide range of functions such as basic bookkeeping, providing information, assisting managers in making strategic decisions, the day to day transactional accounting for the Institution and preparing the financial statements.