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Dr. Mwamburi Mcharo
Dr. Mwamburi Mcharo

Dr. Mwamburi Mcharo holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Plant Breeding (Louisiana State University), Master of Applied Statistics (Louisiana State University), Master of Science – Plant Breeding (University of Nairobi), and BSc – Agriculture (University of Nairobi). He also graduated from the United States International University-Africa with an Executive MBA. Dr. Mcharo has over 25 years of experience in crop research with a focus on the development of new varieties, design of agricultural experiments, management of research for development projects in agriculture, and training and mentoring up-coming scientists. He enjoys getting involved in projects and programmes that transform societies through improved agricultural practices. Dr. Mcharo has worked with national and international organizations in Kenya and regionally. He worked as a sweetpotato breeder with the International Potato Center, programme leader with Africa Harvest Biotechnology Foundation International, and also as a programme manager with the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa. He has also served on management boards and advisory committees nationally and internationally.
Since joining the School of Agriculture, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SAEES) at Taita Taveta University, Dr. Mcharo has won several collaborative research grants for the development and promotion of rice, banana, and green gram varieties. His other projects are supporting pasture development and mitigation of land degradation. All these projects are being implemented by staff within SAEES. Dr. Mcharo has published extensively in the areas of crop breeding and production. He is currently teaching plant breeding and genetics and also agricultural experiment design and analysis.

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The SAEES has positioned itself to offer a life-changing experience to both students and staff. The school is located in a serene and cool agricultural environment that motivates development and implementation of cutting edge research. We welcome students and potential partners to be part of this journey. If you are looking to challenge your mind in various fields of agriculture, then SAEES is the place for you.

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