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Today morning, The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic, Research and Outreach) Prof. Christine Onyango and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration, Finance and Planning) Prof. Kiptanui Too, addressed the fresh men and women at the University auditorium.

Prof. Kiptanui Too started by welcoming the first years at the University and assured them that they made a right choice in selecting TTU as their preferred University to shape their future career choices.

He gave a brief history of the University from inception to where it stands in terms of infrastructure and academic excellence. He assured the students of the management to progressive improvement of their amenities in the University for them to enjoy life in the University.  

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic, Research and Outreach) Prof. Christine Onyango gave a presentation about the Academic Division profile of the University. She took the students through the University academic partnership geared towards enhancing students research life this includes German Exchange Programme (DAAD), National Research Fund and University Funding Board.

Prof. Onyango also talked on the academic policies including the fees payment policy and new Universities Funding model, she assured the students of the management decision to admit all the students  

Prof. Onyango said that the University has made a tremendous stride on community service and outreach. She encouraged the students to actively participate in outreach activities that will enable them be education champions in the community.  

She urged the students to follow the University policies including maintaining good discipline, exams regulations and adhering to the laid procedures for a smooth stay in the University.

She said that failing to follow examination regulation one may end up being expelled, examination cancellation, mandatory counseling among other penalties that may deter students’ academic progress.

Prof. Onyango finished by wishing the students the very best as they ember in their academic journey at the Home of Ideas!