Profile: Bernard Muchunku



Bernard K. Muchunku holds a MSc. Degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Bucharest. He has delivered outstanding results in mineral processing, and has vast knowledge, experience and proven track record in managing mineral processing operations.

He is results oriented with ability to work under strict deadlines. He has broad business experience in senior management positions in Fluorspar Production and Export Company. He is an effective team leadership provider and team player and has the ability to manage a portfolio of diverse assignments.

Has very good working knowledge of computer.

He has over 25 years working in mining and mineral processing as detailed below:

Kenya Fluorspar Company operates a mine and fluorspar concentrator in the Kerio Valley of Western Rift Valley. The company is a leading large scale mining and metallurgical operation in Kenya. Mining is by open cast method using explosives and heavy mining machinery. The annual mine production is 310,000 tonnes of crude ore. This is put through crushing, grinding, flotation and dewatering processes to produce 100,000 tonnes per annum of high quality acid grade fluorspar for export market.