Mathematics & Informatics Department

What we do

We offer training leading to certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate in; Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology       and Computer Science. We also offer modules in CISCO.

List of staff in the department:

Name Position
 Dr. Abdalla Kombo Lecturer, COD
 Mr. Nicholas Muthama (View CV) Lecturer
 Dr. Oscar Ngesa (View CV) Lecturer
 Dr. Justin Maghanga (View CV) Lecturer
 Mr. Nicholas Mutothya Assistant Lecturer
 Mr. Peter Ochieng’ Assistant Lecturer
 Mr. Noah Mutahi (View CV) Assistant Lecturer
 Mr. Stephen Katoto Assistant Lecturer
 Dr. Solomon Mwanjele (View CV) Assistant Lecturer
 Mrs. Rachael Nyang’inja (View CV) Assistant Lecturer
 Ms. Esha Mohammed (View CV) Assistant Lecturer
 Mrs. Zipporah Kinyanjui Assistant Lecturer
 Mr. Dishon Macharia Assistant Lecturer
 Mr. Vincent Koros Teaching Assistant
 Mr. Samuel Mutua (View CV) Teaching Assistant
 Mr. Alexander Kasyoki (View CV) Teaching Assistant
 Ms. Grace Mwaura (View CV) Teaching Assistant

A short history of our department: The Department of Mathematics and Informatics offers training in Dip. IT, Diploma Stats, Dip. Computational Sciences, Bsc. I.T., B.Sc Statistics, Bsc. Mathematics and Computer Science, Msc. Computer Systems and Msc. IT. Graduates in these fields are at the helm of many organizations both private and public providing value adding skills, services and solutions. TTU is also the leading university in I.T. and Computer Science in East and Central Africa, the first within Kenya to have started I.T. and Computer Science. TTU department of Mathematics and Informatics is staffed by some of the best scholars in many fields ranging from statistics to software engineering.