Estates Department

What We Do:

  • Effectively and efficiently manage, deployment and utilization of University resources.
  • Promote the infrastructural image of the University locally and internationally.
  • Develop and implement a system that ensures sufficient and sustainable water supply to the institution and its environs.
  • Provide a conducive environment for training and research for intellectual and cultural development.
  • Ensure cost reduction in maintenance and running cost through progressive deployment of new technologies in the construction industry.
List of staff in the department
Names Designation
Samuel Mjomba Estate Manager
Syliviah Ngele Assistant Grounds foreman
Nicholas Muguna Clerk
Marlene Awino Secretary
Boniface Mwaidoma Senior Artisan
Hunderson Nyingi Artisan 1
Abdul Mohamed Artisan II
Ramadhan Basho Artisan II
Benard Mwangoma Artisan III
Simon K. Mwangoma Carpenter
Hannington Malombo Carpenter
Andrew Malalo Carpenter mate
Juma Ali Painter
Harry Mbwagwa Plumber
Charles Omar Plumber
Salim Shee Plumber
Mwambogha Mwangure Mason
Gabriel Makumbi Mason
Eliud Mwaruta Electrician mate
Cadmel Mwaniki Nursery Attendant
Dan Mwalemu Ground Attendant
Samson Matlida Ground Attendant
Josiah Mwakazi Ground Attendant
Jeremiah Mwakibua Cleaner/Messenger
Esther Mwakudua Cleaner/Messenger
Geofry Maghanga Cleaner/Messenger
Paul Asidi Cleaner/Messenger
Toya Muhoto Cleaner/Messenger
Grace Mwabili Cleaner/Messenger
Brian Irondia Cleaner/Messenger
Velentina Mwakudua Cleaner/Messenger
Pamela Mbatia Cleaner/Messenger
Mishi Gunyu Cleaner/Messenger
Scolar Mwabili Cleaner/Messenger
Abdulmajid Ndarawe Cleaner/Messenger
Fredrick Aran Grounds Attendant
Mathew Mashombo Grounds Attendant
Henry Madeda Waste management
  Short history of our department

Started in 2009, the estate department has been the designer, maintainer and builder of unique civil and architectural structures. It’s based on construction, water, repair and maintenance of university assets.

 Our major achievements includes hostels like Blocks A, B, C, D, and E which it did construct with its staffs. It also actively involved in the present projects like water treatment plant, new administration block, hostel and centre of mines and fuels.