Central Service Section

Central service is an administrative office in the Deputy Vice Chancellors (Administration, Finance and Planning) Division, under the supervision of the Registrar ( AFP ) As an office/section, Central Services plays a key role in the institution by doing the following among others:
  • Coordinate and monitor departments providing central services namely Estates, Catering and Transport.
  • Through the mentioned departments, Central Services ensures that services like cleaning of the offices, classes, grounds and repairs are effectively and timely done. Catering services are timely and adequately offered and transport services, servicing and repairs of the institutional vehicles are timely done.
  • Allocate office space equipment and furniture to staff. Also ensure class furniture is adequate.
  • Ensure utility bills (water, electricity, and rents) are paid on time.
  • Hiring out of university premises, materials/assets as per laid down procedures and regulations.
  • Operationalize the running of tuck shops within the Institution.
  • Handle external and internal requests for the industrial attachment/internship and staff training and educational support as a secretariat.
  • Ensure smooth coordination of University scheduled events eg. Graduation etc.
  HEAD OF SECTION Madam Sophie Chuaga