Profile: Mr. Nashon ADERO


Mr. Nashon ADERO

Mr. Nashon ADERO is a lecturer in the School of Mines and Engineering (teaching engineering surveying, mine surveying, GIS and infrastructure management). He is a geospatial expert with industry experience spanning over 10 years in various positions as Engineering Surveyor (tunnelling and irrigation projects), Quality Assurance Manager, and Business Development Manager in the surveying and mapping industry. He is skilled in GIS-based spatio-temporal modelling for development planning and resource management. He acquired 6 years of experience as Policy Analyst (infrastructure and economic services) at the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), a governmental policy think tank. He has several publications, and he has been a reviewer for the International Journal of Ecological Modelling since 2007. He has also contributed to infrastructure chapters of key technical and policy reports for the Government of Kenya and international bodies such as Kenya Economic Reports, Kenya Vision 2030 and MTPs, Public Expenditure Reviews, Nairobi Metro 2030 Strategy, Road Sector R&D Strategies and Investment Programmes, the African Manifesto for Science, Technology and Innovation among others.