CEMEREM Activities

Project Activities

1st – 7th March 2016 : DAAD Africa Centre of Excellence in Accra – Ghana

16th  – 19th May 2016 : CEMEREM Kick-off Meeting at Taita Taveta University

The meeting aimed at setting up pace, designing the action plan for the CEMEREM activities, financial arrangements and inspection of CEMEREM projects.

16th June 2016: Business Meeting under the name “ Business meets Africa”

The event was held at Industrie- und Handeskammer Westsachsen in Chemnitz

1st – 10th July 2016: International Mine Water Association Conference

Taita Taveta University delegation were present in Leipzig IMWA conference as part of their CEMEREM schedule visit including meetings with HTW Dresden and TU Bergakademie Freiberg project teams.

2nd – 17th September 2016: TTU Laboratory Technicians Training in Germany

Mr. Koti and Mr. Mjomba travelled to Germany to get hands on training on how to use various labarotires equipments, and enjoyed field excursion to Solarworld and biogas factory at Agrargenossenschaft Clausnitz.

3rd September – 30th November 2016: Students Exchange Programme from HTW Dresden to Taita Taveta University

Their project was on the improvement of water quality and water management at Taita Taveta University. They were accompanied by one TU-BAF student whose research was on ; Artisanal and small scale mining companies and gemstone market in Taita Taveta County.

17th Sept – 2nd October 2016: German Patners visit to Taita Taveta University

A delegation of three CEMEREM project leaders, Prof. Ulrike Feistel and Prorektor Prof. Schmidtke from HTW Dresden and Prof. Jan Bongaerts accompanied by Dr. Jiangxue Liu from TU Bergakademie Freiberg travelled from Dresden to Taita Taveta University – Voi.

Several meetings were conducted between the partners; focus was on the progress of CEMEREM project, courses and upcoming activities. The team also inspected and installed the water analysis laboratory and soil mechanics laboratory equipments that were purchased from Germany.

Prof. Ulrike Feistel gave a public lecture on safe drinking water at the University Amphi theatre attended by both students and staff of TTU.

Prof. Schmidtke an expert on organic farming visited TTU School of Agriculture, Earth and Environmental Science in Ngerenyi – Taita Hills to have a feel of the school and discussed on potential areas of collaboration.

Prof. Bongaerts and Dr. Jiangxue Liu also visited the school and gave a public lecture on Forest: a walk through landscape painting and forest economics to staff and students.

17th – 22nd October 2016: Visit by Kenya Government Delegation to Germany

The Kenya Cabinet Secretary Mining, Hon. Dan Kazungu led a delegation from the country that included ….. to various Instituions in Germany. They started with the Ministry of Economic Co-opertaion, Confederation of German Industry, DAAD Berlin Office, German Federation of International Mining and Mineral Resources and also had a meeting with members of Bundestag Frank Heinrich MdB & Veronica Bellmann MdB. This was a familiarization tour that aimed at establishing a formidable relations with Government and Industrial partners for future engagement and project partnerships.

The team also visited Free State Ministry of Higher Education and Arts (SMWK), HTW Dresden and also toured an opencast lignite mine and a mining rehabilitation site in Welzow-sud.

In Freibergh, the delegation visited an Industrial laboratory for mineral processing and TU Bergakademie Freiberg underground research mine.    The tour ended with a meeting with Prorektor Prof. Merkel at the University.

December 2016: Enrollment of two TTU PhD Students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg

The two students Mr. nashon Adero and Mr. William Baya are lecturers in the department of mining at Taita Taveta University and the will be in Germany for 3 years to undertake doctoral research in mining engineering and material science respectively.

14th – 20th December 2017 : Visit to Nairobi and Taita Taveta University

On 14th December a delegation comprising of Erik Ferchau – a biogas researcher of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Niazi Khan – IMRE 2012, Gloria Njagah – IMRE 2013, Prof. Jan Bongaerts and Dr. Jiangxue Liu from TU Bergakademie Freiberg travelled to Nairobi for a meeting with with Dr. Helmut Blumbach –  Head DAAD East Africa Region.

On 15th December Prof. Jan Bongaerts and Dr. Jiangxue Liu paid a courtesy call to the Cabinet Minister for Mining Hon. Dan Kazungu at his office in Nairobi.

On 16th December the five member delegation together with the TTU team attended a workshop organized by the Ministry of Mining entitled: “Mining Education and Rare Earth Minerals in Kenya” . the workshop was also attended by the representatives from the Kenyan government and Industrial partners. Dr. Jiangxue Liu gave a presentation on her PhD work entitled: “The Economics of Rare Earths Minerals”. Prof. Bongaerts gave an overview of financing instruments especially for mining projects.

On 17th December the team travelled to School of Agriculture Earth and Environmental Science in Ngerenyi – Taita Hills for the purpose of inspecting the areas for installation of the biogas plants. One of the biogas plants will be installed at the University Dairy unit and another one at a neighboring High School. Currently, the two areas have a traditional design that allows for a reliable yield of biogas but with a low level of affectivity.

The smart biogas plant proposed by by TU Freiberg experts Mr. Niazi Khan and Mr. Erik Ferchau has a much higher affectivity with much lower input. It also has a high variety of organic input matter.

The team met the school administration led by the Dean SAAES Dr. Maryanne Maghenda and the local community who positively embraced the idea of smart biogas plant that is business oriented for practical implementation and use.

The team also toured the macadamia nuts farm at the SAEES school. The team established that the administration use the traditional way of cracking the nuts which sometimes damage the nuts. Most factories in Kenya generates a substantial share of broken nuts which doesn’t attract good price in the market. Prof. Mathias Kroger from Institution of mechanical Engineering – TU Bergakademie Freiberg ash embarked on developing a better technology that can bring solution to the nut cracking.

2nd – 17th February 2017: Visit to TTU Laboratory by two HTW Dresden Technicians

Mr. Carsten Lauer and Mr. Jakob Ebermann visit to TTU was to install water and geotechnical laboratory equipment imported from Germany through CEMEREM. They also trained the technicians on how to use them for easier handling during student practical learning.

27th March 2017: Chemnitz Business meets Kenya in Berlin – Germany

CEMEREM team has the opportunity to meet the Kenyan Ambassador to Germany Amb. Joseph Magutt and shared more about the project. The team also participated in; “water supply in Sub-sahara Africa conference” held at Bundestag

Summer School 2017

1st  Mining education