The second day of CEMEREM meeting was officially opened by Taita Taveta University Principal Prof. Hamadi Boga on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at the University boardroom.

Prof. Boga welcomed TTUC counterparts from Germany which included Prof.Dr.agr. Knut Schmidtke Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Applied Science Dresden, Prof. Jan Bongaerts from TU Bergakademie Freiberg University and Dr.Ulrike Feistel from HTW Dresden University.

Prof. Boga said that,  it’s happy to see that the interest of CEMEREM going beyond mining and business to include horticulture and other related activities.

Prof. Schmidtke was delighted for the humble opportunity given to him to come and explore possible areas of cooperation with TTUC in areas of horticulture. He was quick to add that he will be going to push for proposal on funding some of the PhD lecturers in TTUC mainly in the area of horticulture.

He also mentioned some of the key areas that he has identified for possible collaboration which includes: farming, building of soil testing laboratory mainly to be used in testing of soil nutrients, ph and fertility at TTUC farm in order to equip the students with scientific skills needed in the job market for soil analysis.

Prof. Bongaerts said it will be important for both universities to participate competitively in writing proposal for funding in order to win more funding from donors. He added that it will be important to involve corporate institutions in the CEMEREM projects to boost the funding and also participate in capacity building activities.

Dr. Ulrike Feistel presented on the future of CEMEREM with an aim of starting up activities that will sustain the project in future. Dr. Feistel challenged the participants to broaden their minds in identifying sustainable ideas like forming cooperative between staff, students and partners, partnership with industries, providing micro-financing to small local business start-ups, and starting self-sufficiency energy projects at the campus.

Dr. Feistel later presented a lecture on Fostering students’ creativity to TTUC academic staff. She encouraged the staff to be more focused on nurturing students’ talents and ideas a part from the normal lectures in order to bring out a well rounded student who can be able to solve societal problems.

Dr. Feistel together with Max Schneider – his student from Germany also presented to TTUC students staff and students a proposal; Drinking water disinfection with SuMeWa system. This is a new technology of water treatment that the student who is at TTUC for three months internship, plans to install the system at TTUC water system to ensure that the water channeled in the university is clean.

Prof. Boga concluded by assuring the partnering universities of TTUC support and dedication in working together to realize maturity of all the plans.

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